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What is the course of tantric massage.



Tantric massage starts a dialogue with oneself, which many miss in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Through intentional, mindful touch, you will be guided by me back into your inner world, into spaces of silence and introspection.


You often ask:

How does your tantric massage work?

Each of you has a different pace, experience and intention of massage. The course of the massage therefore always unfolds according to the intention you come with and how much you are ready to open yourself up to new experiences at the given time. Even if you come for a second, third massage... the massage will never be the same. Each time you will receive it at a different time, energy and overall mood. That's why I don't have any specific instructions and a uniform procedure for all men and women for tantric massage. I conduct massages individually and empathically according to your needs and possibilities.


A brief description of how I will guide you through the massage.

Upon arrival, we will get to know each other during the initial interview and drink tea. We will agree on the purpose of the massage and the boundaries of your intimacy. Before the massage, you will be offered refreshment in the shower. We begin with an introductory standing ritual, during which we harmonize breath and energy together. The massage itself takes place on a heated futon in different positions of your body. For longer massages and massages with bdsm elements, I combine positions with a massage couch.

This is followed by: Relaxation of the physical body with softer and firmer touches without oil, head massage, relaxation in the loins, soles of the feet and hands...Releasing the mind by stroking with fur, a scarf and gentle touches with the fingers...Awakening of sexual energy with a gentle oil massage of the groin, thighs, perineum, for men testicles ... By breathing we release the rest of the tension in the body.

When your body and mind are completely relaxed, I will guide you through a massage of the intimate parts: lingam, ions, and by arrangement, also an anal massage. Your excitement - energy will be distributed throughout the body. Then I return to your center again, an intimate massage ... I repeat this several times. I will lead you to total deep relaxation with a soothing oil massage of the back and face.

Then there is joint breathing and a final energetic intimate massage, which may or may not end with ejaculation... final relaxation and joint fading. It's up to you if you want to share the experience or go to the shower to freshen up right away. We thank each other and say goodbye.


Do you massage naked?

My nudity is not an automatic part of the massage. I always like to decide for myself at the given moment, in which phases of the massage I will massage in a scarf and when I will be naked with you. I conduct a massage in a headscarf when I am a mere visual erotic stimulus of the massage for the client, and my naked body distracts him from observing his own internal processes.


Can I touch you during the massage?

I do not lead the massages into an exchange of intimate parts with the client. Tantric massage is always about the experience of the recipient, focusing on his own experience and monitoring of his own internal processes. Hugs during the opening ritual, joint breathing or acceptance in connection, stroking with which you express satisfaction seem fine and appropriate to me. Both the client and the masseuse have the same right to point out during the massage any overstepping of pre-agreed boundaries.