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How we will meditate


You can expect the possibility to choose in every single moment what and how you want to be in this world. Right now and right here, we can enter the consciousness of the right hemisphere.





This present moment... right here, right now. A space without tumult, toil and stress.

Your consciousness starts to shift from the conventional reality to some kind of esoteric space, from where you will be able to observe yourself. Suddenly, you are observing how all bodily processes slow down, how your perception grows narrow and hence you are focusing on the inner processes. You cannot tell where you start and where you end, you cannot tell the limits of your body and because of that you feel expanding, omnipresent and in unity with all the energy around you. You start to feel joy, happiness, physical comfort and conscious love.

I will guide you through the tantra massage and meditation with all its intimate beauty, complexity and general healing alchemy.I will let you consciously enter the realm where you will recognize new visual and auditory impulses and encounter various emotions. All obstacles and emotional injuries accumulated during the course of years as well as your illusions will dissolve... and you will feel lightness, lightness in your body and find yourself inside of your serene mind absorbed by the ubiquitous energy. The more you will activate the circuits of deep inner peace, the more you will radiate this peace to the outside world.

Thus you will be initiated into a state of purity, lightness, sheer love and living in harmony with sacred consciousness.


                   “You are seeking a new world. Stop seeking it. Start creating it.” Zen