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Tantric massages for women


Both tantric and meditative massage is a very gentle spiritual path, with the primary goal of bringing your sexuality and sexual creative energy back to life. Discover new abilities, new types of orgasm and blissful experiences that come through complete surrender accompanied by a gentle, non-judgmental and supportive space. You can receive massages as a means of spiritual awakening, as therapy, or simply come to relax and let your body be pampered by conscious touch.


Meditation massage

Meditation massage uses touch primarily to initiate the energy body, through which I will lead you calmly to a changed state of consciousness, ecstatic and blissful experiences and new life experiences. This deeply soothing and restorative massage allows you to stop, exhale, relax and enjoy being the center of lots of gentle expert care, attention and understanding. A meditation massage will allow you to feel your worth and return you to a fully experienced self-awareness.



Tantric massage

Women who choose a tantric massage with a gentle Yoni massage will experience a slightly erotic, spiritual experience that will touch not only the physical body, but will go deep into the heart. Although Yoni massage can sometimes be extremely stimulating, do not take this massage as a purely physical arousal route to bring you to orgasm. Rather, I will guide you to deeply relax and bring your emotions to the surface so that they can freely express their natural, powerful and orgasmic nature.


If, during a meditation or tantric massage, unprocessed emotions or traumas arise in the client, I will direct the flow of energy and, with consent, we will gradually begin to process the trauma. I will choose the procedure, intensity and scope of the treatment over several sessions so as not to cause / new / trauma or emotional damage.

Tantric Yoni massage combines physical and spiritual stimulation to create a truly holistic experience, so be prepared to embrace both sides of the experience.