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Tao Meditation



Meditation is the experience of our inner being as well as of that which is hidden behind the veil of worries and tension of our everyday life.It is always connected with a nobler and more demanding spiritual content and is aimed at gradual improvement of our spiritual spheres.While meditating, it is desirable to give up all concscious wishes and direct effort to reach the set goal.

In meditation we often notice that the unconscious is no primitive realm beyond our control, but that it also has a specific wisdom of its own. The unconscious is the privileged communication channel with the spiritual sphere.  


Tao Meditation 1,5 hour / 2000 CZK

Tao meditation introduces you to a state of inner peace and equanimity, regenerates your vital force and enhances your bodily energy. It is supposed to bring about the state of non-thinking. It helps to overcome emotional obstacles. It relieves physical pain and cleanses your mind from negative feelings. The combination of massage and meditation is very calm and relaxing. It is aimed at soft reflex therapy, sexual healing and general relaxation.


                                                                                                                                           Tao – Lao-c’

Take everything as it is, do not choose. “It looks simple, yet it is the most difficult thing in the world, because mind wants to choose all the time. If you want to still your mind, stop choosing between the polarities. Live your life as it comes – flow with it. Do not struggle to get somewhere. Do not strive to achieve your goal; enjoy every moment in its entirety instead, do not care about the past and the future. This is how a symphony in your soul is born.”



Osho ... What is love

 When you become conscious and vigilant, meditative, sex can be transformed into love.

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