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img-20240320-wa0011.jpgLet's accept tantric massage as a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating healing experience that stimulates sensitivity and energy. She works with our sexual energy and teaches how to heal our physical body and soul through loving touch.

 A gentle sensual massage will increase receptivity and sensitivity so that your whole body becomes one big erogenous zone and you will perceive the orgasms you experience as unlimited love. You will experience a completely new feeling of relaxation and the realization that you yourself are the source of your orgasm and that ecstasy can only be found within yourself. 


Tantric massage

2 hours/ 3600 CZK   2.5 hours/ 4500 CZK

Tantric massage with prostate massage
2 hours/ 4000 CZK   2.5 hours/ 4900 CZK

Lingam massage

1 hour/ 2000 CZK   1.5 hours/ 2700 CZK

Lingam massage with prostate massage
1 hour/ 2300 CZK   1.5 hours/ 3000 CZK

Tantric massage for women 1.5 hours/ 2700 CZK

Tantric massage for you and your partner 2 hours/ 5000 CZK

Tantric massage with elements of BDSM 2 hours/ 4000 CZK