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Orgasm Spirituality - Osho


Orgasm is a state in which you no longer perceive your body as matter, but you start to vibrate as energy or electricity instead.The vibration is so deep and profound that you forget completely that it is still a material phenomenon. It becomes an electric phenomenon.During orgasm, you reach the deepest layer of your body, where matter ceases to exist and where only energy waves are. You become a dancing energy, you will be vibrating. As soon as you start to pulse and leave matter behind, all boundaries cease to exist for you.

There are two types of peak, two types of orgasm

One type of orgasm is generally known. You reach the peak of excitement and you cannot go any further: itʼs over.However, tantra is concerned with a different type of orgasm. If we think of the first type of orgasm as of a peak, we can think of the tantric orgasm as of a valley.The thing is that with the second type, you do not reach the peak of excitement, but the deepest valley of relaxation.Both types require some excitement at the beginning. Thatʼs why I say that the beginning is always the same, but the end is completely different.

If you can merge with the exictement without escalating it, if you can stay at the beginning without turning too hot, if you can stay just warm, then you will meet with the other, being just as warm as you, and you can stay in the embrace for a very long time.And so the act becomes meditation – without ejaculation, without wasting energy. This is how you can reach entirety.

Sexual orgasm needs time

Sexual orgasm needs time – the more the better, because then it penetrates deeper into your being, into your mind, into your soul. This is how it can spread from head to toe... Each fibre of your body will be vibrating. Your whole body becomes an orchestra and switches to crescendo. But if you are in a hurry, the orgasm becomes a mere ejaculation and it is no orgasm any longer. It will be just local and senseless. In actual fact, you will feel tired, frustrated and depressed after it, because your energy will be wasted without giving you refreshment – and so the whole act was just senseless.

If you keep thinking about orgasm, it will become your goal and the whole thing will be too calculated. Under such conditions, it is very difficult to reach orgasm.

Your dilemma is following: if you strive to achieve orgasm, it will be difficult to achieve, because you are seeking it, you are longing for it and you are not involved totally. Your mind is concerned with orgasm, you are trying to make out whether you will achieve it today or not and it this anxiety weakens your sexual centre.

Your sexual centre can open only when you are fearless, when you are not concerned with the result, when you do not think about future, when your activity is not aimed at its goal, but when you are simply playing. It is beautiful to play with someone elseʼs body and when someone else is playing with your body. Nothing but two bodies dancing, embracing and caressing that create a beautiful symphony. There is no need to think about orgasm. And then it comes all of a sudden!

Its beauty lies exactly in this – it comes all of a sudden. It is not important though, whether it happens or not. Just forget it.


osho-tantric-massage-prague.jpgYour sexual energy is your nourishment

However, sex should be a rare occassion, a holiday. It should not become a routine, it should not be your daily bread. It should be reserved for precious occassions, when you are really overflowing, when there is a new space within you. Learn to enjoy sex, because this is how you can taste timelessness. If you are in a hurry, you will never feel this timelessness. It is only from the mud of sex that the lotos of samadhi can blossom. Never supress it! Never be against it, but penetrate it with great clarity, with great love.

Be like explorers. Explore all corners and unknown realms of your sexuality and you will be surprised and enriched, you will benefit from it vastly.

When you have known your sexuality, you are sure to stumble over your spirituality one day. And you will be free. At the beginning, there are two shivering energies, at the end, there is one circle – not two.Real Tantra is not a technique, but love. It is not a technique, but a prayer. It is not aimed at the head, but at the relaxation inside of your heart. The whole meditation is basically an experience of sex without sex.