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           Osho Tantric massage Prague


A return to sacred sexuality...When you know your sexuality, one day you will stumble upon your spirituality.


Tantric massages allow us to enter where conventional therapy does not go.




During the massage, I touch your most intimate and sensitive parts of the body, which you can usually touch only in your relationship with your partner. That's why I value trust and respond to everyone who wants to open up with great respect and care.



A tantric massage will put you in a good mood for the whole day and give your body vitality again. You will experience a completely new feeling of relaxation and the realization that you yourself are the source of your orgasm and that ecstasy can only be found within yourself.

Each massage is a unique experience for its beauty, complexity, mysticism and overall healing alchemy.

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Your sexual energy is the nourishment...Spirituality of the orgasm


A gentle sensual massage will increase sensitivity and sensitivity so that your whole body becomes one big erogenous zone and you will perceive the orgasms you experience as unlimited love... Massage offer and price

From the first moment, you will be immersed in another world...the Tao of meditation

This present moment...right here and now. A space where there is no noise, work or stress... How we will meditate

How to book a massage, info... Contact

You can receive massages as a means of spiritual awakening, as therapy, or simply come to relax and let your body be pampered by a conscious touch... Tantric massages and meditations for women.

The course of the massage always unfolds according to the intention you come with...How does a Tantric massage work?


Tantric massage is a silent way to touch the heart, it is a dance of energy intertwined with selfless love and care.