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Tao Meditation





                  Tao female sexuality



In that direction, the source of female sexuality lies in its innermost core. It rises from the place of silence and is rooted in the depth of its being. The majority of female organs are totally invisible from outside. It is the opposite for men. Our sex organs are stored in a protected space, stored in our womb.



The strength inside and the weakness on the outside is the structure embodied in the principle of the other. Tao teaches that a woman must develop and live her inner and outer life in balanced proportions. The other archetype, which is soft and open to the outside, allows a woman to live in deep connection with the outside world.

Strength on the furrow and weakness inside-this tao principle corresponds to yang. Yang energy radiates to protect what is weak and subtle inside. Yang yang sexuality was driven by Yang's principle, extrovert, exciting, full of energy, and wild. Because Tao - Yang energy as such always grows on the surface, Yang - oriented sex on women does not heal or nurture effects. We are not capable of developing Yang's potential. Tao sexuality is the art of rooting the highly explosive yang energies in the yoke of deep silence.

Tao of female sexuality not only encourages women to develop their other qualities. Strong roots in the other qualities that are the basis for yang allow women to move more freely in yang areas without losing themselves.

Tao Jin: intuition, wisdom, stand, nature, cold, slow, receive, feel good, together, calm, weak.

Tao yang: logic, discipline, knowledge, moving technique, hot, giving, active, aggressive, dominate, dominate, decisive, motion, strong.

The female tao is not fixed, it is only beginning to reveal new possibilities.

Thanks to Tao, I spent many years meditating and researching, looking for a female tao. An amazing journey full of surprises that still reveals new perspectives and opens women's perceptions.

Chinese Tao signifies origin, intelligence, truth, higher spiritual principle, path, traveler, goal and being