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Prostatic orgasm

screenshot-2024-02-03-at-11-38-39-masaz-prostaty-praha.pngThe prostate as one big unrecognized erogenous zone

The shame around erotic topics is less and less in society, but some topics are still a bit taboo. Many men feel that prostate massage or other anal penetration is unnatural and dirty. They have not developed a nice relationship with this part of their body because the only time they touch their anus is through toilet paper. However, it is a pity, because the anus has many nerve endings, and many times even with a health massage alone, a man can feel excitement and an unknown influx of energy.

The proximity of the prostate and the dense network of very sensitive nerve endings make the anus a very erogenous zone. With intense stimulation of the prostate, however, you can reach orgasm even without stimulation of the penis and ejaculation.

The importance of massage, both for prevention and relaxation, is that it has a therapeutic effect that sufficiently relaxes and dissolves concerns, fears and various mental resolutions. Prostate sensitivity then increases as the man's arousal builds and orgasm approaches. This is why a medical examination of the prostate is so different from stimulating a wife's lover or a masseuse.

Anal healing

It is one of the most powerful healing techniques because it is probably the most taboo area. In the anal zone we can have hidden emotional trauma or physical injury. Therefore, old emotions and feelings that want to be released can be opened during the massage. If this condition occurs with the client, it is a good idea to talk about it with the masseuse and discuss the topic. If this trauma is healed and the prostate is subsequently stimulated, the man can begin to experience his internal orgasms.

Prostatic orgasm

Prostatic orgasm is more different than penile orgasm, both emotionally and physically. If we massage the prostate with a woman's fingers, it can reveal in a man the more feminine aspects of his nature and can bring about a deeper and more gentle orgasm of the whole body. As a result, the man no longer has to feel left on the outer edge of sex. Just as we women are moving deeper from clitoral to vaginal orgasm, so men are moving towards a deeper more subtle internal type of orgasm caused by stimulation of both the penis and prostate…..