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Human sexuality and investment


masaz-prostaty-leceni-zdravotni-masaze-pro-muze--2-.jpgHuman sexuality and investment
By love we call in reality the whole spectrum of relations between heaven and earth. At the most terrestrial level, love is sexual attraction.
Love must be constantly invested, taking care of it as the most valuable gift of the universe, protecting it, and knowing the dangerous pitfalls that threaten it.
Erotic love plays one of the most important roles in the relationship of two people, it can not be ignored, it is necessary to deal with it and consider it part of the quality of lifestyle. Therefore, it is never too late to break away from shyness and shame to take a radical step towards improving your own sexual life, creating your own style, and finding a satisfying way of your own sexual behavior, consisting of volition, freedom, playfulness of relaxation, knowledge and sincerity.


One should be able to manifest their sexuality and achieve delightful satisfaction even if his imagination is somewhat different from ordinary practices.