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Tantric Massage for Men and Women










Tantric massage is a deeply relaxing, regenerating and healing experience enhancing your receptivityand energy.It operates with your most intense – that is sexual – energy and teaches you how to heal your physical body and soul by a loving touch. A tender and sensuous massage will enhance your receptivity and sensitivity so much that your whole body will become one large erogenous zone and orgasms you will experience will be perceived as unrestrained love.You will experience a completely new sensation of relief and realisation that you yourself are the source of your orgasm and that the true ecstasy is to be found nowhere else but inside of you.



        Tantric massage 

           Price of massage  2 hours 3000 CZK
          Price of massage  3 hours 4500 CZK

         Lingam massage

 Price of massage  1 hours 2000 CZK
 Price of massage  1.5 hours 2500 CZK

Prevention - prostate massage

Preventive health massage of the prostate / 15 min / is included on request in a 2 or more hour tantric massage at no extra charge.  

         Tantric Ritual for your partner

         Price of massage 2 hours   5000 CZK

        Meditation for women

        Price of massage 1.5 hours   2500 CZK

       Tantric dominance - Conscious BDSM
        Price of massage 2 hours   4000 CZK