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Tantric Massage – What All Does It Take


There are moments in life when we are overwhelmed by conflicts, problems and we lose the clarity of vision.As uninvolved observers, we are here to guide you through such situations and support you on your way to a creative and healing solution.

Tantric massages allow us to enter realms that are beyond the reach of conventional therapies. To encouter this unknown realm, permit yourself to approach your body as sacred and try to understand the sensation of sexual fulfillment as an inalienable right of every being. The tantric massage is not to be conceived as a substitute for an intimate relationship, but as a very subtle therapy for your soul. The tantric ritual will allow you to experience your sexuality in a purest state free from personal involvement and any manipulation from your partner.



Warm welcome, first handshake, the scent of the sandalwood, the atmosphere of burning candles... the sensuous journey of Tantra begins.

Given this is your first encounter with Tantra massage, feel free to express your wishes or worries while we have a cup of tea. In case you have already had some experience with this massage and Tantra has become your spiritual path, we can exchange our experiences beforehand.

Regeneration... you are given the opportunity to leave all your past behind during the shower.Your senses and desire will be aroused during.

After the shower our massage begin. Sárong ritual.. Gentle touches, slow movements of my body, scents, melodies, everything is here for you to get excited...Hot towels will help to release your muscular tension.

Oil massage of the whole body will give you enough time to bring your mind into a relaxed state.Tantra massage also includes the massage of intimate parts of your body, yoni or lingam.

Final relaxation During the massage, I will be touching your most intimate and sensitive parts of your body that are usually touched only by your partner within a stable relationship. Therefore, I appreciate your trust and I listen to everybody ready to open him or herself with great respect and care.


                                            Benefits of massage - meditation
          Mental plane
You will react more calmly under stress, ambient pressure, illness or injury. Self-healing processes will start and your body will be able to undergo total regeneration. Creates space for inner harmony. You will feel inner freedom and the ability to pay attention to the details of everyday life.
        Sexual plane
You will be given the ability to transform your physical sexual arousal into spiritual ecstasy. Your sexual energy will be purified, conscious and released to the surface. By deep relaxation you get a high energy charge. You get rid of illusions, expectations and you start to trust only your own strength and wisdom. You will experience very strong self-knowledge.